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@ Chile Lindo, SF - Oct 2021 - With "Manny and Friends".  Rocking out at the outdoor parklet at popular spot for live music in the Mission, SF.

@ Grape Street, Phila, Pa - Oct 2006 - With "Fooling April". - Blast from the past part 1. Our first local gig after coming off Mid-West tour.  

@ The Knock Out, SF - Sept, 2021 - With Angelo Tomandl and Crew.  Rocked glasses off.  At hot venue for live music in the Mission, SF.

@ Independent, SF - May 2010 - With "Wontanara". - Blast from the past part 2. Stellar musicians, including Black Nature of Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, and Bongo Sidibe.

PHotos  //

Eyelevel-8.3.2006_0072 copy.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 11.07.34 AM.png
me playing angelo.png
pic of me playing casements group shot.jpeg
Rado - vinci sf.jpeg
sf alley group pic.jpeg
Pic of me playing Rado 2a.jpg
Pic of me playing Rado.jpg
pic of me pix elaine studio 1.png
Rado Vinci.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 12.36.58 PM.png
1 el rio 2.jpeg
blues hit redwood city.jpeg
1 NB fest.jpeg
do pic 1.jpeg
sam mags and me.jpeg
1 el rio.jpeg
1 me and sam berkeley radio.jpeg
pangea santa cruz.jpeg
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